Adopt an Elderly Pet

adopt elderly pets

When you adopt a senior dog or cat, you are doing the ultimate good deed. Let’s face it: a lot of people think they want a puppy or kitten, but not everyone is lining up to adopt the great senior pets! Did you know that every year, approximately 4 million adoptable animals are surrendered to shelters and prematurely euthanized? There are a LOT of wonderful senior dogs and cats available for adoption. 

Rescue groups, shelters, and animal sanctuaries that specialize in senior pet adoption work very hard to help adult dogs and cats find good homes. They often keep their pets for adoption in their own homes while they assess the health and personalities of these pets. If a pet needs basic training, often the rescuer will provide it. If a pet needs medical treatment, many dedicated dog and cat rescuers pay for it out of their own pocket. 

Many of the animals available for adoption are currently living in shelters, rescues or sanctuaries just waiting for someone wonderful to come along and give them a loving home. If you are interested in adopting a senior pet, search the box below. If you are not sure if senior pet adoption is right for you, read our article on the Top 5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet. 

If you are considering adopting a senior pet, there are some things you should be aware of before committing to a new pet. Vet Tech Colleges has prepared a great guide entitled, An Expert’s Guide To Adopting Dogs: What To Know Before You Go.


Are you thinking of adopting a senior pet or have you recently adopted a senior pet?


While supplies last, we’re giving away free pet care packages for adopting a senior pet. Care packages include a free microchip kit generously donated by our partners at Fi. There are no ongoing fees for the chips. Your vet may charge a one time fee to insert the chip: typically averages around $50-$75 to insert the chip. Once the chip is inserted, you would need to register the chip using the unique code provided here so that your dog or cat is part of a nationwide registry. In the event your pet is ever lost, the chip can be scanned and you would be contacted.

Not sure if a senior pet is right for you, read some of the articles below. 

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What Senior Pets can Teach Us About Facing Adversity

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