Best Chew Resistant No Flat Waterproof Crate Pad for Dogs

As pets age, comfort is important to your senor dog’s daily life. Ensuring the best sleep is paramount to your dog’s overall well being and health. An orthopedic crate pad is an essential component to your pet’s comfort especially if your senior pet suffers from arthritis, hip dysplasia or any other orthopedic ailment affecting his joints. A standard crate pad will not cushion the joints and prevent pain. An orthopedic pet crate pad will provide comfort and stability, especially if your senior pet loves his crate. 

Bully Beds provides their crate pads in 4 sizes and will fit crates from 36″ up to 54″ in size. Their chew resistant crate pads are guaranteed for 200 days if your pet chews through the pad. 

Crate pads come in 3 colors and 4 sizes. 

These crate pads are water resistant, washable, and the foam is PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP. 

The Bully Bed chew resistant crate pad is made with 2″ thick orthopedic foam and has a 10 year guarantee on the foam.

Best High End Luxury Pet Carrier Handbags & Accessories

As pets age, many senior pets prefer to spend more time with their pet parents. For some, there may be medications that need to be administered at certain times, and for others, there may be illnesses that make it more difficult for your pet to endure long walks. A pet carrier is a great option to help tote your furry friend around and keep a close eye on your senior pet.

Cats and small dogs are considered seniors at age 7, and as pets age, they become more dependent on us to care for them. A high end, luxury pet carrier, like any luxury handbag, will make you and your pet feel like you are out on the town in high style. 

There are not many high end luxury designers who craft pet carriers, and the few that do take great pride in the quality and workmanship of their products. 

Shaya luxury handbag pet carriers and accessories are an indulgence in fashion for only the most discerning pet parents. But if you are going to tote your senior pet around with you more than usual as your pet ages, then an investment in a quality carrier may be something to consider. 

Shaya’s products are made of premium calfskin leather and waxed canvas with a deftly placed pocket for you, and a smooth nylon interior lining that is both classic and high tech with timeless texture and antimicrobial action for your pet. 

Check out these gorgeous bags and accessories for you and your high end senior pet. We’ve also listed some more affordable options as well. 

High End Luxury Pet Carriers

Ruby Shaya Pet Carrier

Sourced and crafted in Italy from start to finish, it’s old-world quality made for modern life, seamlessly taking you two from office to play to party and back. Outside is pure leather and coated canvas. 

Blush Shaya Pet Carrier

Sourced and crafted in Italy. Outside is pure leather and coated canvas with a pocket for your essentials; inside is accident-proof nylon and a zip pocket for their treats, toys and tethers. 

Cobalt Shaya Pet Carrier

Sourced and crafted in Italy. Outside is pure leather and coated canvas with a pocket for your essentials; inside is accident-proof nylon and a zip pocket for their treats, toys and tethers. 

Black Canvas Pet Carrier

Outside is coated canvas, with a pocket for your essentials; inside is accident-proof nylon and a zip pocket for their treats, toys and tethers. Its 100% Vegan and 100% meant for you and your best furry friend. 

Luxury Pet Carriers

These luxury pet carriers range in the $300 price range.

Value Luxury Dog Purses

These pet carriers are less than $200

High End Luxury Accessories for your pampered pet

Sasha Leash – Embossed Yellow & Black

This limited edition Sasha leash is created for the ultimate strut with your pup. Using a special embossing technique that mimics the look and feel of python – without the cruelty or price tag. Made with the Sasha signature bamboo handle that fits perfectly on your wrist and is easy to hold onto. 

The Shaya Clean Up Purse is the perfect companion to the matching carrier. This stylish “poop bag” matches the style and aesthetic of the Shaya Carriers. Attaches to the carrier, a leash or your keys for a life on the go. Now even the worst part of walking your dog can be done in true fashion.

Best End Table Dog Crates

As pets age, their need for safety, comfort and security increases. Oftentimes, their need to be around people increases as well. An end table crate allows your pet to retreat to a comfortable spot, but still enjoy the comfort of being around the family. An end table crate is a nice solution to keeping your pet close by but also maintaining a level of sophistication in your home decor. 

End table crates come in a variety of sizes and styles, to suit your needs. We’ve collected several end table crates that should fit in with just about any home decor style. 

Dark Wood Crate for Dogs up to 80 Pounds

This dog crate furniture features durable hardwood construction that looks similar to teak. It is stained and lacquered just like fine furniture with high quality mortise and tenon construction. Features a versatile swing through door that rotates inside so it is out of the way, allowing your pet easy access. Waterproof melamine-covered MDF floor is easy to clean and eliminates absorption of liquids and odors. 

Light Wood End Table Crate in Assorted Sizes

The ecoFlex Pet Crate End Table is made of ecoFLEX, a non toxic recycled plastic-wood polymer composite material that won’t warp, crack or split. Spindles are made of stainless steel tubing and a stainless steel latch. Comes in four sizes to fit just about any size dog. 

White End Table Dog Crate

This mission style wood end table dog crate is made of 100% solid wood. Has a wrap around swing door that closes completely to the side of the crate and can be set up on either side. Decorative steel door latch. Inner floor protected by rubberized coating to minimize liquid absorption and allow easy clean up. Comes with floor protectors. 

Black End Table Dog Crate

This large mission style black end table dog crate features a lockable gate. Stylish for any decor. 

Dark Wood End Table Crate that Converts to a Gate

This 2-in-1 configurable pet crate and gate features hard wood construction and a removable plastic tray. Easy to assemble. 

Best Pet Trackers Locators for Senior Pets

As pets age, they may have some issue with cognitive dysfunction (dementia) and as a result, could potentially wander off from the safe area around your home, get lost, or worse, never return. Pets are considered senior pets as early as age 6 or 7, and cognitive dysfunction can be more common in older pets.

A tracker, would enable you to locate your pet anytime, anywhere. Using the app on your smartphone, you can see the exact location of your dog or cat. A tracker will allow you to track your pet wherever they are, and especially if they wander off. 

A tracker can inform you in the event that your cat or dog leaves a pre-defined safe area. And unlike a microchip, which can only be used when a dog or cat is found and brought to a veterinarian, a tracker tracks the location of your pet in real-time, enabling you to always know where your pet is and to find them immediately in the case that they run off, preventing them from getting lost in the first place. 

Tractive GPS Tracker for Cats and Dogs

These lightweight trackers weigh less than 1.2 ounces and are recommended for pets over 9 pounds. They are also waterproof and shock resistant. The tracker uses a rechargeable battery that has a 2-5 day battery life and recharges in less than 2 hours. 

The Tractive GPS tracker also has an integrated virtual fence that will inform you immediately in the case that your cat or dog leaves a pre-defined safe area. A Tractive GPS tracker costs around $50 plus a subscription fee for as little as $5 per month. 

Tabcat Tracker

The pet tracker touts that it is more accurate than GPS and has no monthly subscription fees. Tabcat is the smallest and most effective cat tracking locator device of its type in the world. It’s RF-based technology offers much greater range and performance than “keyring finders” or Bluetooth locators, and much greater accuracy than GPS trackers. 

FitBark GPS & Health Trackers

Set a perimeter around your home and get alerted when your pet leaves a safe place. In case of emergency, track your dog or cat nationwide. With 24/7 activity & sleep monitoring, FitBark GPS is a new way to motivate you and your dog to be active, explain changes in behavior and make better decisions about mobility, anxiety and skin conditions. Requires Wi-Fi and Verizon LTE-M coverage in your area. 

Best Dry Senior Cat Food

As your pet ages, you may find that their eagerness to eat diminishes or if they develop an illness, you may be concerned if their diet is helping to manage the disease. However, deciding on the “best” dry cat food for an older cat can be a difficult decision; there is no one best diet for every older animal. The aging process depends on a variety of factors including breed, genetics, and health problems. Just because a food is marketed for older animals or because your pet reaches a certain age, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is time to switch to senior cat food. Learn more about senior pet food before switching your cat’s food.

Should you decide that switching to senior cat’s dry food is appropriate for your cat, here are some of our favorite senior dry cat foods based on safety, customer reviews, quality and price. 

Top Rated Dry Senior Cat Food

Hill’s Science Diet specially formulated cat food is designed to fuel the energy needs of senior cats with an indoor lifestyle. Their dry cat food has natural fibers to promote improved digestion and litter box cleaning for your older cat. This food provides your mature cat with optimal levels of nutrients for eye, heart, kidney and joint health. Made with natural ingredients, in the USA. 

Runner Up

Iams Protective Health Senior Dry Cat Food features chicken as the number one ingredient. It is a protein rich senior cat food to help support strong muscles and to provide healthy energy for play. Vitamin E helps restore immune responses of older cats to those of a health adult cat. Crunchy cat kibble texture helps reduce plaque buildup. Essential nutrients nourish strong bones and healthy joints. L Carnitine helps senior cats maintain a healthy weight.

Best Value

Nutro Senior Dry Cat Food has real chicken as the number one ingredient in this cat food that is rich in nutrients and full of flavor. It’s fortified with essential nutrients and full of flavor. It is fortified with essential nutrients like taurine to support heart health in aging cats as well as antioxidants for healthy immunity. No corn, wheat or soy protein. No chicken by-product meal, no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.