Best Automatic Feeders for Senior Cats

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According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, most cats are considered seniors at age 7. Some older cats struggle to keep weight on and sometimes lose interest in their food, making meal time difficult and frustrating for pet parents. Some older cats are underweight and proper food management can help keep their weight under control. 

There is a lot of controversy around whether a senior pet needs a special diet. Most vets will recommend changing a diet or feeding routine if there are medical issues that correlate. For instance, if your senior cat struggles to keep weight on, your vet may recommend a higher fat diet. While a vet may recommend a lower fat diet for a senior cat who is struggling with obesity.

In any case, food consumption in older pets can become quite challenging regardless of which end of the spectrum your senior pet is at, and regardless of their medical conditions. 

One thing most vets agree on is that meals should be fed around the same time each day – which can be a problem for pet parents who cannot be home to feed their senior pet at a particular time each day. 

If your vet recommends that your senior pet eat at a particular time of day, or if your vet recommends a new diet for your senior pet, meal time may become frustrating if your pet doesn’t acclimate right away to these changes. An automatic cat feeder can help alleviate some of the stress. 

Some of the newer types of automatic feeders allow you to feed your pet on a set schedule, whether you can be there to feed your pet or not. They’re especially helpful with senior pets who can become finicky at mealtime. 

Below are some of the most highly rated automatic cat feeders based on quality, affordability and average customer reviews. 

Highly Rated Automatic Cat Feeders

This automatic pet feeder allows you to feed your pet while you are away. Schedule up to 4 automated feedings per day using the built-in programmable timer. Control food portions and never miss a feeding. It is wall and battery powered to ensure no loss of power. Allows you to establish regular eating routines throughout the day without stress. Record a message for your pet to remind her to eat. 


Runner Up

This automatic pet feeder makes feeding hassle free for pet’s dietary health and well being. Helps pets avoid overeating and starvation. Features a 10 second voice recording to be played when feeding. Meals can be set at 4 different times throughout the day. Dual power supply. Automatic detection – if your pet misses a meal or doesn’t eat much, the machine will detect it and stop feeding according to your setting.

Wi-Fi Enabled Cat Feeder

This smart feeder allows you to feed your pet from anywhere at anytime. Remotely set times to feed your pet automatically or choose to do a manual feeding from your mobile device instantly. Has a wide angle camera with night vision, enables you to see and record a video of your pet. Two way audio allows you to speak with your pet while you are away.

Best Value

Feeding your cat while you’re away. Schedule up to 4 automatic feedings per day using the built in programmable timer. Easy to use LCD screen. Control food portions. Ensure pet fresh food for each meal. Record a custom message for your pet. Battery and USB powered.