Betty White Inspired a Movement in Animal Welfare

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betty white challenge for animal welfare

Betty White’s legacy was to make the world a better, safer place for all animals, including at-risk senior pets. Please join us in honoring the late Betty White by showing your support of Elderly Pets.

The late Betty White was a tireless advocate for animals, from caring for those without homes to launching her own weekly TV show, “The Pet Set,” dedicated to her celebrity friends and their pets. 

For almost 100 years, Betty White’s passion was to help animals, especially at-risk animals in need of a second chance at life. Although Betty passed on December 31, 2021, her legacy lives on in the lives of animals she has affected, and animal lovers she has inspired. 

During our first #BettyWhiteChallenge, Betty’s voice chartered a movement in animal welfare. Financial gifts to the Elderly Pet Organization quadrupled over the weeks following Betty’s passing from those who took part in the #BettyWhiteChallenge 2022 to help make the world a better, safer place for all animals, especially at-risk senior pets. 

Betty loved animals, and our pledge to celebrate her legacy and her love for animals will live on as we continue to honor her memory by participating in the #BettyWhiteChallenge each year on the anniversary of what would have been her 100th birthday.  

If you would like to support Elderly Pets, please make your contribution in Betty White’s honor now and share your support on social media. Gifts honoring Betty’s memory are accepted at any time.

The funds we raise through this special remembrance campaign will help us provide vital resources to at-risk senior pets and keep senior pets out of shelters.  

Thank you Betty for your love of animals, and for being an advocate for animal welfare.

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