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  • Top 10 Reasons Your Senior Dog or Cat is Finicky

    As pets age, pet feeding can become more challenging especially if your senior pet has become more finicky during meal time. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, some older pets just…

  • Elderly Pet Safety in Cold Weather

    Cold weather can pose serious threats to pet health. Pet’s cold tolerance for cold weather can vary from pet to pet based on their coat, body fat stores, activity level…

  • Elderly Pet Dental Care

    Elderly pets are at higher risk for tooth decay and gum problems than younger pets. Pet parents must be especially vigilant with older pets to ensure that their teeth and…

  • Bathing Elderly Pets

    Bathing pets as they get older can be challenging because elderly pets often have health issues or skin conditions that can make bathing them a challenge. And taking them to…

  • How to Keep Senior Pets Safe

    Keeping pets safe at home or while traveling can be challenging especially as pets age. A large dog is considered a senior dog at age 5-6 years of age, and…

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The Elderly Pet Organization is a 501C3 non profit organization whose mission is to provide information and education about senior pets. Our goal is to end senior pet abandonment and premature euthanization, while increasing senior pet adoptions throughout the US. We accept donations of unwanted items, as well as cash donations to help us with our cause. Read more about us.

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