Pet Insurance

Paying for Senior Pet Care

Paying for senior pet care: Updated January 2023 As pets age, they often require more care and trips to the veterinarian. Paying for your senior pet’s care can become challenging if your pet requires surgery or has a condition that requires regular medication and treatment. It is a heartbreaking situation

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Pet Insurance Facts for Senior Pets

What Does Pet Insurance Cover? Pet insurance is designed to cover the unexpected accidents and illnesses that you just can’t plan for, such as when the dog swallows something he shouldn’t, or the cat gets a urinary tract infection. Pet insurance is like any other type of insurance, you pay

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Top 10 Reasons Animal Owners Should Get Pet Insurance

Many people may think that pet insurance isn’t worth the added monthly cost, but the investment in pet insurance can help save a life and keep you from financial stress. Believe it or not, less than 1% of pets in the US are covered with pet insurance plans. Here are

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What if your pet has a pre existing condition?

If your pet has a pre existing condition or accident and you are concerned about the high cost of potential vet bills, you may have considered pet insurance as an option. Unfortunately, there are no pet insurance policies for pets with pre existing conditions. So if you pet recently had

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Do Older Pets Need Health Insurance?

By Beth Wymer Article is written by Pumpkin Pet Insurance’s agency with permission to republish on the Elderly Pet Organization’s website.  The Elderly Pet organization is not a licensed insurance agent and did not create this article. Advances in nutrition, along with sophisticated veterinary diagnostics and treatments, have contributed to

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