Do Senior Cats Need Orthopedic Bedding?

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Do senior cats need orthopedic bedding? Yes, they do!

Senior cats benefit significantly from orthopedic bedding since it lessens the pain and discomfort of aging. As cat ages, its bones and joints may weaken and become more fragile, making them more prone to damage. Senior cat bedding supports their bones, joints, and muscles while they sleep. Some orthopedic beds offer warmth to your elderly cat as they sleep in addition to pain relief.

Consider buying your senior cat an orthopedic bed if they have already begun to exhibit symptoms of arthritis or other joint problems. 


Senior cats may experience joint issues, making getting up and down much more challenging as they age. Animals who are overweight or obese put additional strain on their joints, which can cause arthritis to manifest even earlier in life.

Know of the cause; stiff joints can benefit from the extra padding and warmth provided by cat beds that are developed specifically for cats. Your senior cat will have a happier life if he has a cozy spot to rest his bones. 


Depending on the manufacturer, orthopedic cat bedding will often be created with substantial padding that conforms to the senior cat’s body. The denser the padding or foam, the better the bed will relieve pressure points and cushion the joints. This is crucial for animals unable to stand up on their own to avoid bed sores from forming.

Orthopedic beds can even be constructed to resemble mattresses, with inner coil springs encased in a padded covering. The senior cat will find climbing on and off the bed easier without crouching toward the floor the thicker the bed is. The senior cat’s body won’t come into contact with chilly surfaces (like concrete or tile) if raised off the ground.


If a senior cat has problems with incontinence, specialized coverings are often made of waterproof material that resists soaking. Covers should be detachable to allow for occasional washing.

Senior cats enjoy small, private spaces; thus, many cat beds are made with hood-like covers to give them a better sense of security and seclusion as they sleep.

When purchasing a bed, try to get one that is chemical-free and has a sturdy, dense interior. The cat bed will endure longer if it is of higher quality. The effort you spent finding the ideal bed to support your senior cat during his older years will pay off for him. 



Best Friends by Sheri Mini Pet Throne High Bolster Orthopedic Relief Cat


  • EXTRA SUPPORT FOR JOINTS: The bolstered orthopedic throne was explicitly crafted for supporting young, puppy joints, or providing additional relief for tired, aging joints. The stitched-down walls provide extra support and assure that fiber fillings will stay in place over time.
  • COZILOFT VIRGIN FIBERS – The uniquely designed fibers separate them from the competition. Unlike other dog beds on the market, they use finer-grade fibers with a special coating that adds more loft and resilience. This means your dog’s bed will feel more comfortable, soft, and resistant to lumping. Your pet will be in cat heaven on this bed!

HIPIPET 50D High-Density Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed


  • HIPIPET memory foam pet beds are suitable for large pets, obese pets, older pets, and pets with weak joints. pets with many exercises are prone to joint diseases, such as arthritis, especially in older pets. Memory foam pet beds can provide a good sleeping environment and reduce everyday stress during sleep and rest.
  • High-quality flannel, comfortable touch, and insulation. Wear bite-resistant oxford fabric all around. Anti-slip design at the bottom. Memory foam is covered with a waterproof layer.

BODISEINT Modern Soft Plush Round Pet Bed for Cats or Small Dogs


  • Material: Made of beautiful luxurious faux fur, macarons color donut shape. Round pet bed offers a safe, Ideal for a cat or small dog to sleep. Your little furry friends will feel surrounded by love and warmth, allowing them to experience restful sleep. Restful sleep for improved behavior and better health.

MIXJOY Orthopedic Pet Bed


  • Small Pet Bed: The bed is about 23″ x 23″, perfect for your cat or small dog up to 25lbs. Raised rim design to make your dog and cat can curl up, have fun, provide head and neck support and promote feelings of security without no worries!
  •  Lightweight & Portable: this cozy bed is lightweight and portable for travel. It is straightforward to transport and convenient to carry in the car; this pet fusion bed could let your pets stay comfortable while camping and traveling outside.

Whiskers & Friends Calming Cat Bed


  • Premium Material: This Cat Bed is made with the finest long fluffy plush & polypropylene fabrics. They offer color variety so you can please your cat, without sacrificing home & furniture décor
  • Protected Safe Environment Feel – designed to act as a round circle nest with lower middle and high surroundings.
  • Promotes A Calming Environment – The Cozy self-warming long plush fabric will allow your Cat to reminisce about a mother’s fur coat and promote a safe and calming space. Their Calming  Cat Bed works great for pets who experience Anxiety. 


In conclusion, we now understand the importance of orthopedic bedding for senior cats. We have also discovered that this is crucial since it lowers the possibility of arthritis and joint issues in senior cats. Their quality of life may be improved by using orthopedic bedding.


As you can see, orthopedic cat beds are a terrific way to maintain the comfort and happiness of your elderly feline friend. The advantages of orthopedic beds for senior cats are apparent, whether you select a memory foam bed or a removable cover that slips over your cat’s current bed.

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