Pet Safety At Home

Keeping pets safe at home can be challenging especially as pets age. Some pets develop arthritis or joint injuries that make once ordinary tasks difficult and painful for elderly pets. A dog or cat that could once jump on the bed, for instance, may require assistance to get up on higher surfaces. Pet stairs are one solution that can not only keep pets safe at home, but can help keep pet parents safe as well – avoiding unnecessary injuries lifting pets. 

There are a variety of pet products designed to help elderly pets who may have difficulties walking, jumping or performing everyday tasks that they could when they were younger. If you have an older pet that is having difficulties with jumping, walking or other everyday activities that they could do at one time, it is important to consult your vet to rule out any serious complications. If the vet determines that it is a manageable condition that may need an assistive device to help your pet get through the day more easily, then there are a number of products that can be used to assist your pet. 

Pet Gates

A pet gate can help keep your pet confined to a restricted area of your home, especially during the day when you may be out of the home at work or running errands. A pet gate can keep your pet safe and secure in a specific area of your home. 

Pet Ramps

A pet ramp is a convenient way for pets to get onto furniture or beds. If your furry friend is accustomed to sleeping on the bed, but they are in need of assistance, a pet ramp can help them get situated without jumping and risking injury. 

Elevated Pet Feeding Dishes

Some pets have difficulty as they age with bending over to reach their meal. Meal time can be very frustrating for an older pet who is in pain when hunched over too far. An elevated pet feeding dish can help alleviate some of that discomfort. 

Pet Stairs

Similar to ramps, pet stairs can help an older pet climb onto furniture or bedding. If your older pet is having difficulty getting onto their comfortable piece of furniture, pet stairs may be a solution to aid them in their quest. 

The Elderly Pet Organization has partnered with a number of pet product providers who offer some assistive devices for elderly pets and pet owners. Some of these items have been generously donated to our organization and are available for sale to benefit our charity. To bid on some of these items, visit our Auction for the Animals page and bid today.