Help for Senior Pets with Allergies

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Pets can develop allergies at any stage of life, but allergies in elderly pets can be very frustrating, not only for pet parents but also for pets. Pets with allergies are often itchy and uncomfortable and can cause skin irritations that need to be addressed by a vet.

The good news is, there are new medications available to help treat pet allergies that can alleviate most if not all symptoms, helping your elderly pet live more comfortably. There are also more holistic options available for treating a senior pet who is suffering from allergies, including hypoallergenic foods, shampoos and conditioners made for sensitive skin, and more.

The first thing you should do if you see your pet constantly scratching, licking his paws, or gnawing at his fur, is to talk with your vet especially if you notice excessive licking, scratching or general discomfort. If allergies are diagnosed, there are medications, as well as holistic treatments that can help.

If your elderly pet is suffering from allergies, there are several steps you can take to help your senior pet.

  1. Talk with your vet to determine if allergies is the actual cause of your pet’s discomfort and discuss possible treatment options that may help.
  2. Consider switching your pet’s diet. Some vets recommend home cooked diets to help control allergies, but you should work with your vet before switching your pet’s food. You can also work with a vet nutritional specialist to determine what foods may help reduce symptoms.
  3. Bathe your pet more regularly and consider a hypo allergenic shampoo. Pets who have allergies tend to flare up the more they are exposed to allergens. Bathing helps remove some of the allergens and can reduce symptoms. Also, wiping your pet’s paws with hypoallergenic towelettes can also reduce allergy symptoms.
  4. Salmon oil may help some pets alleviate dry and itchy skin
  5. Keep your home free of allergy triggers. Like people, pets are susceptible to household allergies like dust and mold. Cleaning your home regularly can help reduce allergens and help improve your pets symptoms. A cool mist humidifier can also put moisture in the air during dry weather and can help relieve dry, itchy skin.

If you suspect that your elderly pet has allergies, do what you can to help but be sure to speak with your vet to determine if allergies are the true cause of your pet’s discomfort. Rest assured, with the proper care and treatment, your furry friend should feel better in no time.

Allergy medications can be expensive and pet insurance can help offset the cost of allergy medications that your vet may recommend.

We highly recommend pet insurance for senior pets. It’s important that you purchase pet insurance before your pet is diagnosed with a particular illness because most pet insurance will not cover a pet with a pre-existing medical condition. Visit our pet insurance facts page for more information about pet insurance.

Below are a few examples of options you might consider for senior dogs with allergies. We do not endorse or promote any of these products or companies. Products are listed for demonstration purposes only based on available information at the time of publication. You should always consult with your vet before using any products or switching your pet’s food.


Hypoallergenic dog food is a good option for senior dogs with allergies. Watch for dog foods that contain corn, wheat or soy which can be allergy triggers for many senior pets. 

For cat’s with sensitive skin and stomach issues, a hypoallergenic cat food developed specifically for cat’s with sensitivities and allergies is a good option to consider for your senior cat. 

A hypoallergenic pet shampoo should treat yeast infections, ringworm, pyoderma and skin allergies, plus a good shampoo also deodorizes and gently cleanses skin. 

Hypoallergenic wipes developed for cats or dogs with sensitive skin can be used in between washing to help remove dust, dander or dirt that can irritate your pet’s skin.

Salmon oil is a natural fish oil additive supplement that supports the skin, coat, hips, joints, heart and immune system. Developed for cats and dogs to help alleviate dry skin, dull shedding coat, hot spots, or itching and irritation. 

This vacuum is features an anti allergen complete seal technology plus HEPA filter to trap 99.9% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum. 

A cool mist humidifier safely moisturizes the dry air in your room letting you breathe easy and moisturizes skin to alleviate discomfort. 

With your help, we can keep senior pets out of shelters and place them in loving, caring homes. Your gift can help save senior pets from an uncertain future.

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