How a Pet Car Booster Seat Can Keep Your Cat or Dog Safe When You Travel

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Traveling with a pet can be challenging with even the most well behaved, calm, able-bodied pets. But there are certain situations when getting from point A to point B with a pet becomes a challenge. Transporting your furry friend with a booster seat can prove very useful depending on your needs and the needs of your pet. A car booster seat provides a safe place for your pet to ride in the car and also provides enough lift to allow him to see out the window when you travel. Car booster seats are typically designed for small to medium sized dogs. For a large dog, you may not be able to find a car seat large enough for your pet; in which case a harness or tether can be used to keep your pet secure in the car.

A pet booster seat may seem a little strange at first, especially because most people expect small children or babies in a booster seat, but pet car seats or booster seats for dogs and cats are becoming more popular and accepted because a car seat is often a much safer alternative to traveling with an unleashed pet, especially in certain situations.

How do you know if a pet car seat is right for your pet? 

Here are some specific things to factor when considering a pet car seat or booster seat:

Are you concerned with your pet’s safety when traveling in the car?

Most vehicles were not designed with pets in mind. Most cars do not offer any features that would secure a pet while traveling. It really is up to pet owners to do their due diligence to ensure that their pet is as safe as possible when traveling in a car. A pet car seat or booster seat can help ensure that your pet is traveling as safely as possible.

Does your pet distract you when you are driving?

Some pets cannot behave when traveling in the car. They often jump around or cause other distractions that can be dangerous for drivers. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents, and a loose pet who cannot behave can be very distracting for drivers. A car seat or booster seat can help keep your pet secured in their seat so they are unable to jump around and distract you while driving.

Does your pet enjoy looking out the window when you travel by car?

Some pets are just too small to look out the window unless they are sitting in your lap. Traveling with a pet who is in your lap is unsafe not only for you, where you can be easily distracted, but also for your pet, especially if you need to stop short. A booster car seat can be secured in the car with a standard seat belt and is designed to boost your pet high enough to see out the window as you travel. A booster car seat can help keep you and your pet safe while you travel.

Are you concerned with leaving your pet alone at home?

Some pets may have seizures or require frequent medications administered at certain times of the day, making staying at home alone while you are away a complicated situation. A pet car seat, especially one that converts to a carrier, can make it easier for you to monitor and care for your pet while you are out.

Will you be traveling by car and also plane, bus or train?

If you are planning on taking your furry friend on car rides, but you also need to transport her onto a plane, bus or train, several car booster seats can also be used as a pet carrier. Check with the manufacturer to be sure the booster car seat carrier is airline approved. As of this writing the recommended maximum dimensions for a soft sided kennel or carrier is 18“ long x 11” wide x 11” high. Soft sided carriers can be slightly larger because they are collapsible and able to fit underneath the seat without blocking the aisle.

Sometimes, it’s not about anything except keeping your furry friend safe. If your dog or cat enjoys traveling with you, rather than cooped up in the house, and if you think your pet would enjoy riding in a booster car seat, then that’s the only need to consider.

Which pet car seat to choose?

So you’ve decided to invest in a pet car seat to transport your pet. Which pet car seat is right for you? There are a wide variety of pet car seats: Here are some things to factor when considering which stroller is right for you.

How large is your pet (or will your pet get)?

When purchasing a pet car seat, size matters. You want to be sure you select a model that will accommodate your pet at full maturity. If you aren’t sure how big your pet will get, consult with your vet for an estimated size and weight.

Will you be transporting more than one pet?

If you own more than one pet, and you will transport multiple pets in the car seat, then you need to factor the combined weight and size and ensure that the car seat is large enough to accommodate multiple pets comfortably. A bucket seat booster is designed to be large enough for two small pets.

Do you need it to be high enough for your pet to have a view?

Not all car seats are booster seats; some are purely used to keep your pet secure in the vehicle. A booster seat will not only keep your pet safe but can add up to 10 inches of height in order to give them a clear view out the window. A car booster seat can help keep your pet calm if they are distracted by looking out the window.

How do you plan to use the car seat?

Will you be using the car seat to go from the car to the vet or a friend’s house? Do you need to keep your pet secure not only in the car, but after the car ride? A booster travel system is a carrier that converts to a booster seat in the car, attaches to a base, and can be easily removed to take your pet from the car to the store or vet with ease.

Key features to look for:

When selecting a pet car booster seat, look for features that will not only benefit your pet, but you as well. Some car booster seats fit both front and back seat. Some are machine washable. Some allow your pet to see out the window. Some include a built in security leash or tether. Some feature soft padding or adjustable straps. Some can double as an airline approved carrier or regular pet carrier.

Pet car seats are designed specifically for pets, or multiple pets. Unlike child car seats, they have certain features that you may not find with a car seat designed for a person. Some have built in harnesses or buckles to attach a leash or harness to your pet. Some also have waterproof liners in case of accidents. Venting is also typically very different for pet car seats, as is the opening that allows you to place your pet inside.

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