Rehoming Your Senior Pet

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There may come a time in the course of your pet ownership where you may become unable to care for your pet. Whether it is due to a move, pregnancy, divorce, or other reason, some owners find themselves in the precarious position of needing to surrender their pet. Unfortunately, many senior pets who are surrendered to shelters are never adopted and may be euthanized, even though they still have lots of love to give. 

Rehoming is a wonderful option if you are willing to take the time to find a good home for your senior pet. Plus, if you drop your pet off at a shelter to surrender your pet, there can be a cost from anywhere between $50 – $150, depending on your location, the type of facility and the age of the pet. 

Finding a new home for your pet is a better solution than surrendering your pet because it allows you to be sure that your pet goes to a good home and his fate is completely within your control. Oftentimes, the stress of being in a shelter can change a pet’s personality, making it more difficult for them to be adopted. 

If you absolutely must surrender your pet, we recommend that our pet families visit Adopt-A-Pet for rehoming senior pets. Their services are free to use and it allows your pet to stay in an environment they are comfortable in, rather than going to a shelter, while they await adoption. 

The rehoming program is pretty straight forward and simple. You simply need a photo of your pet, and to post some basic health and behavior information about your pet, as well as a short bio describing your pet. From there, you will be contacted through the website with any potential adoptees who are interested in adopting your pet. 

There are many loving adoptees who are willing to adopt senior pets and rehoming is a great way to keep your senior pet with you while you find them their next furever home. 

To learn more about rehoming your senior pet, visit Adopt-a-pet for more information.

Please note, the Elderly Pet Organization does not rehome pets nor do we take in foster pets. We provide access to resources so that YOU may successfully rehome your pet. Please follow this link and simply follow the on screen instructions. The whole process should only take about ten minutes to complete and before you know it, you will be connected with prospective adoptees who are interested in adopting your pet. 

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