Review: CanadaVet Dog & Cat Medication and Supplies

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CanadaVet sells high-quality cat, dog, and other pet medication and supplies that are vetted by fully qualified, licensed, practicing veterinary surgeons to ensure all the products sold are the best available for your furry little friend. By being based outside the USA, CanadaVet offers terrific price savings to customers in the USA and the rest of the world while still ensuring first-class reliability and customer service. Below are some examples of prices they offer for dog and cat supplies, like flea and tick prevention, heartwormers, arthritis and joint care, dental care, grooming supplies, digestive aids, shampoo and washes, and much more.


CanadaVet’s unique selling proposition for American customers is that the heartworm protection and multi-parasite protection products are sourced and shipped from outside the USA, so no prescription is required to order them. Exactly the same products made in exactly the same factories, but no Rx needed. This means you can save money on products like Revolution, Advocate (aka Advantage Multi) and Heartguard. 

Below are just a few of the pet supplies they offer at great prices*. 


$40.05 for 6 chews
$15.69 for 90 tablets
$17.65 fir 120 ml
$44.13 for 3 pipettes
$8.95 for 71g
$49.12 for 3 pipettes
$22.35 for 120 tablets

CanadaVet offers flat rate shipping of just $5.95 on all orders, with free shipping on orders over $88. 

All products sold by CanadaVet are selected by qualified, licensed veterinarians to ensure that they are safe products from reputable companies we trust. They promise they wouldn’t sell anything that they wouldn’t use on their own animals.

All products sold by CanadaVet are new, and have the longest expiry date available. Products which they sell are manufactured in the same factories, with the same ingredients as those sold under the same name in the USA and Canada. To keep costs low, products are sourced from all over the world including Australia, England, Canada and South Africa. This means that the packaging may be slightly different to that available in stores in North America. For example, weights and measurements may be in metric. However all instructions for use and safety notices are written in English and all products are sourced from authorized dealers holding all necessary licenses and certifications in their home country.

*Prices subject to change without notice and are listed for display purposes only. 

Should you make a purchase at CanadaVet, a portion of the sale will benefit the Elderly Pet Organization. We appreciate your support!