Top 10 Items to Donate to Charity

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It is important to donate to charity whenever possible; especially if you have the means and feel connected to an organization. Donating to a charitable organization like the Elderly Pet Organization is a great way to feel wonderful that you aren’t just throwing away your unwanted items; rather, you are sending them off to an organization that can reuse them for good! 

Millions of unwanted items wind up in landfills each year; many of these items can be reused or recycled rather than filling our landfills. Certain items should be thrown away but in many cases, items that have some life left in them, can be reused. 

Helping the Environment and Helping a Nonprofit

It is truly a win win when you can help the environment and help a nonprofit at the same time. If you have children, this concept of donating unwanted items can help them become life long philanthropists by giving to others in need. For example, when children grow out of perfectly good clothing, donating those items is a better alternative than just tossing them in the trash. 

Decluttering and Doing Good

So many of us have way more stuff than we need. If your home is messy, disorganized, and full of extra stuff – take an afternoon to go through your home and fill a box full of items you no longer need or want; that may just be cluttering your space. 

If you have clothing in your closet you haven’t worn in over a year or two, and if the items are still in wearable shape, consider filling a box and donating them to charity. 

We’re often asked what items are best to donate to charity. While there are certain items that are more desirable, there are some items you should avoid completely. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten items to donate to charity and we have also included some ideas on what should not be donated.

Top 10 Items to Donate

  1. Name brand designer clothing & shoes – especially if it is still in style – but nothing with rips, tears, holes, or stains – or is not freshly laundered. Nonprofits do not have the resources to wash clothing or repair defects. If you wouldn’t wear it because of the stains, damage, or odors, then a charity would not want it either
  2. Name brand designer handbags – who doesn’t love a new purse. Here again, purses should have plenty of life left. If they have rips, tears, holes, or stains inside or outside, then they are not great to donate.
  3. Fine, fashion or costume jewelry – great accessories go a long way. Jewelry is a great item to donate because it is very light to ship. When sending jewelry, it is a good idea to bag each item separately so items do not get damaged in transport.
  4. Wrist watches – telling time is never out of fashion! Be sure that the watch is in working order; replace the battery or the band if it is needed. 
  5. Anything Disney – it’s every kids (and grownups) favorite place on the planet! Disney items are highly collectible and valuable to nonprofits.
  6. Home décor items – changing your colors? Spruce up someone else’s space; donate those unwanted accessories and decor items if your pieces no longer fit your space. 
  7. Collectibles – from comics to stamps, the rarer the better. If something is breakable, be sure to wrap it well when boxing it so it does not get damaged in transport.
  8. Electronics – in good working order & if it still can be used electronics are a great donation. 
  9. Vintage items – what’s old is new again; be sure the item is not damaged and be sure to bubble wrap when placing these items in your donation box.
  10. Antiques – the older the better! Here again, be sure to wrap breakables. 

Whatever items you choose to donate, be sure they are freshly laundered, clean, free of rips, tears, holes and stains and gently used.

Top Items NOT to Donate

Here is a list of some items that we do not accept:

  1. Riding toys or bicycles
  2. Used toys and stuffed animals
  3. Baby items or gear like strollers, car seats, high chairs
  4. Sippy cups or cups with straws
  5. Large, awkward or heavy items
  6. Picture frames or framed art
  7. Construction items
  8. Weapons and explosives
  9. Furniture of any kind
  10. Large appliances
  11. Auto parts
  12. Mattresses or box springs
  13. Food
  14. Flammable products
  15. Hazardous waste

Learn more about how to support the Elderly Pet Organization by donating unwanted items. 

With your help, we can keep senior pets out of shelters and place them in loving, caring homes. Your gift can help save senior pets from an uncertain future.

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