Top 5 Reasons a Senior Pet May Need a Waterproof Blanket

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waterproof pet blanket

Having pets can be messy business at times. As pets age, some of these messes can become more problematic, causing frustration not only for you, but also for your senior pet. A blanket is great for car rides, bedding, crating, and of course, snuggling. When selecting the perfect blanket, function and style should be top priorities. 

Here are the top 5 reasons your senior pet may require a waterproof blanket. 

Prevent liquids from seeping through

As pets age, incontinence may become an issue, especially if your senior pet develops diabetes or kidney disease. If your pet shares a bed with you, the last thing you need in the middle of the night is to change all the bedding because your furry friend had an accident. A large, waterproof pet blanket can help keep accidents to a minimum and help your furry friend keep their dignity – pets can sense annoyance and frustration; the last thing they want to do is upset you, especially in the middle of the night. 

Protect bedding or furniture from scratches and dirt

Most pets are not as dainty as we would like them to be, and if their claws have not been tended to recently, they can easily damage furniture, bedding or your car seats. A pet blanket is a great way to keep pets from damaging furniture, especially if they jump on the furniture when they are dirty or wet. A waterproof blanket can prevent stains from setting in. 

Keep pet hair contained to one area

Pet hair can be a nuisance. Cleaning pet hair off furniture can be even more of a nuisance. A pet blanket can help keep the mess contained to one area. If you have a blanket that is machine washable, you can simply take the blanket outside, shake off the fur, and toss it in the washing machine. 

Help prevent separation anxiety

As pets age, some pets become more anxious when their pet parents leave. Having a calming resting place for your senior pet that is ultra-soft and luxurious will help your pet feel less anxious while you are away. 

Keep pets cool in summer

Most pets love a plush pet bed. In summer, however, when the temperature rises, some pets prefer a cooler option with a more lightweight blanket instead of their traditional bedding. A cool waterproof blanket with a shorter pile can be used both indoors and outdoors to keep your pet cool and comfortable whether they are indoors, outdoors or traveling. 

A waterproof pet blanket serves as a multipurpose blanket that is versatile and has many different applications to keep your pet comfortable and happy. If you are interested in waterproof blankets for your senior pet, you may want to check out the selection available from Their PupProtector™ Waterproof Throw Blanket comes in 11 different styles and colors, as well as two oversized options. 

Below are just a few examples of their waterproof throw. 

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With your help, we can keep senior pets out of shelters and place them in loving, caring homes. Your gift can help save senior pets from an uncertain future.

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