Why a Pet Monitor Camera is Helpful with Senior Pets

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As pets age, there are many reasons why a pet monitoring camera can be useful, especially if you have never monitored your pet in the past. Older cats and dogs can start to develop geriatric illnesses and issues that you may want to keep an eye on while you are away from home. While there are a wide variety of pet monitors on the market today, the best camera will help you keep an eye on your senior pet to ensure that there are no issues. For instance, older pets may become more anxious when they are left alone or they may not be as steady on their feet as they once were when they were younger. 

A camera monitor will help you see and hear your dog or cat to ensure they are not developing separation anxiety or having accidents while you are away. Older dogs often need more frequent potty breaks, and if they start having accidents in the house, you will be able to more closely monitor how long they can go between breaks, and bring in a dog walker if necessary. 

When looking for a pet monitor camera, ideally a two way camera will allow you to fully interact with your dog or cat. They will be able to see you, and you will be able to see them in real time. Remote access will allow you to download an app on your phone and use your camera from anywhere you have service. Another great feature to look for is night vision; if you are planning on being away during the evening hours, night vision technology will allow you to still be able to interact with your dog or cat at night. 

Pet monitors can be helpful with senior pets, because you are able to keep an eye on your dog or cat during the day, or if you are out in the evenings. Being away from home can be stressful for older animals, and it’s important to monitor your senior pet carefully to be sure their temperament doesn’t change when you are away. It is also important to check in periodically to be sure your dog or cat is doing well, getting around as they should, eating when they should, and not engaging in destructive behaviors when you are away.

If you’d like to monitor your cat or dog when you are away from your home, then a pet monitor may be something to consider.  Below are some of the most highly rated pet monitors available on Amazon for your consideration.

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We do not endorse or promote any products or companies. You should always consult your vet to determine what is most appropriate for your senior pet.

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